How Does Four Hands Massage Differ From Normal?

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Four hands massage Dubai is a very special type of therapeutic massage that you can avail from a high-end spa or massage center in Dubai. It is comparatively more expensive than the more usual forms of massage therapies. There are other types of differences between four hands massage and normal massage. You should be sure about the type of massage you need. It is better to know about the features of massage therapy before booking the slot. The blog here gives the readers some ideas about the differences between these two massage varieties.

There Are Two Masseurs In Four Hands Massage

You might have already guessed that during a four-hands massage session, two masseurs are constantly at work. So, there are a couple of therapists who attend you. This is in stark difference with the case of a normal massage session where there is only one masseur.

You will interact with two therapists while availing yourself of the massage therapy. On the other hand, it is obvious that you interact with a single masseur when you get the more traditional massage service. This is one of the main differences between these two message types.

Professional Synchronization Of Pressure

Another significant difference lies in the fact that in the case of a four hands massage, the synchronization of pressure is much more detailed and refined. There are two experts who work in tandem to provide you with the required service with a professional approach.

On the other hand, in the case of a normal massage, there is only one masseur who works on your body. So, there is no special case of deep synchronization of pressure. It is just like a traditional massage in almost every case. The blending of pressures is a trademark of four-hand massage therapy.


Arguably, the health benefits from a session of four-hands massage can be more compared to the advantages of a normal massage. You avail yourself of the expertise of two experienced and trained masseurs instead of one.


It is better to keep in mind that the service rate for four hands massage therapy is higher than the session that involves normal massage from a single masseur. So, you should be clear about the expenses of the service.

Avail Four Hands Massage

If you are keen on availing yourself of the best Massage in Dubai, then you can try the exclusive four hands massage therapy, consulting with experts who have many years of experience in this field.